Hello and welcome!

There is a wonderful Aikido martial arts principle that has been influencing my work for many years now: To protect and foster one's own well-being and respect the well-being of others – at all times.

Especially in the complex worlds of theatre, opera, dance and orchestra, this principle is a helpful inner guide to make the actual work – creating art – even more successful and inspired.

With my work as a consultant, trainer and coach my goal is to support theatre, opera and dance companies and orchestras with an art-specific leadership and staff development. A corporate culture supporting the artistic needs helps achieve and even surpass high artistic standards more easily.

Mit meiner Arbeit als Beraterin, Trainerin und Coach unterstütze ich künstlerische Betriebe darin, durch eine kunstspezifische Führungs- und Mitarbeiterentwicklung leichter ihren hohen Kunstanspruch umzusetzen.

You will find more information on how I can support you here on my website. Should you have more specific questions or would like more details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours, Christina