Consulting: art-specific organization in performing art companies and orchestras

As strongholds for creative people, theater, opera and dance companies and orchestras need to be creative and innovative, not just on stage but behind stage as well. Here it requires art-specific structures in communication and organization that successfully promote and sustain the creative potential. As a living, closely networked system, positive impulses can be set from different sides and have a positive effect on the overall system. With my work as a consultant I can support you in:

  • Sustainable & diverse organizational development: Let yourself be inspired by innovative evolutionary ways of developing organizations (flat hierarchies, agility or even self-organization), thereby strengthening the responsibility, flexibility and openness of your employees and promoting sensitivity, appreciation and structures for a diverse workforce.
  • Company health management: How you can ensure healthy structures in your company, which serve your art form and promote the motivation of your employees at the same time.
  • Vision work & change management: How you can integrate your new vision and culture into your everyday life as quickly and coherently as possible especially in transitional times, e.g. with a new artistic management.
  • Ensemble & team development: How newly composed ensembles and teams grow together faster, work more creatively and deal with conflicts more constructively.

Should you have more specific questions or would like more details, please do not hesitate to contact me.