Training for theater, opera, dance, and orchestra

Whether singers, actors, dancers or musicians, whether assistant directors or stage directors, employees from costume, props oder the lighting and sound department, or from the artistic planning and operations office, the human resources department or house management:  in the artistic world many people work together intensively on many levels every day. Any training in staff devolpment is particularly effective when done in a mixed group. The added benefit: it is an ideal opportunity for internal networking. With my art-specific trainings I can support you with:
  • Leadership trainings: How to develop an appreciative, smart leadership culture and productive teamwork in your atistic teams that values the diversity und enhances the creativity of the group.
  • Communication and conflict management trainings: How to develop serenity, understanding and empathy in your artistic corporate culture.
  • Resilience trainings: How to deal with stress in a healthy way and how to strengthen your resilience in creative surroundings.
  • Team building workshops: How ensembles or teams can work together in a productive way and develop a powerful method of using conflicts as creative sources.
Should you have more specific questions or would like more details, please do not hesitate to contact me.