In this video I would like to show you how you as an artistic group or ensemble can use collaborative and organizational skills to become more productive and powerful. However, even more amazing for me is how using these practices in a group can becoume a fount of experience for our own artistic growth.

In this video I would like to share two fascinating psychological concepts with you: learned helplessness and the confirmation bias. And I would like to show you how we can get unstuck in some situations by changing our own beliefs.



Coming soon in summer 2020!

The English translation of


Christina Barandun: First aid for the artist's soul. Stress management, communications and conflict resolution in the cultural sector. A guide.

Artists are under great pressure in theaters, operas, orchestras and other cultural institutions. Despite adverse working conditions, personal challenges and interpersonal conflicts, top artistic performances are continuously demanded. The stress and mental coach Christina Barandun provides "first aid" with tips and practical exercises and shows how artists can deal better with stress and psychological stress in their complex, creative and chaotic work environment, how they can strengthen their resources and improve their ability to communicate and deal with conflict.