Training for theater, opera, dance, orchestra.

Whether singers, actors, dancers or musicians, whether assistant directors, stage managers or theater pedagogues, whether employees from the workshops, from stage technology or lighting and sound departments, whether employees from the artistic operations office, from the human resources department or from the front office: since most of them work intensively with each other every day at many interfaces, further training courses on specific topics are particularly effective if they are not separated according to departments but are conducted in a mixed way. The additional advantage: internal communication improves. I will be happy to assist you in the following areas:

I will be happy to assist you in the following areas:

(In English and German)

Leadership & Mindset Trainings

How to develop an appreciative, smart leadership culture and a productive interaction in your teams that values the diversity of the group and promotes and activates the self-responsibility of the employees.

Communication and conflict management training

How to communicate more clearly and thus trigger fewer misunderstandings, how to develop understanding for the different lifestyles in your corporate culture and at the same time reduce friction where it does not serve creativity but simply disrupts it.

Team Building Workshops

How ensembles or teams get to know each other faster, recognize their potentials and limits, establish common agreements and rules, and develop a healthy culture of conflict.

Meeting formats in the digital age

How to build effective meeting structures, make the most of video conferencing, and mix face-to-face and digital networking wisely.

Risk assessment of mental stress (GBpB) for performing artists

How to turn a tedious task into a valuable tool for staff development and internal feedback culture:

Guidelines for the risk assessment of mental stress for employees in the performing arts (UK NRW)