An excerpt of my customers

As a consultant, trainer and coach, I support cultural enterprises with culture-specific organizational and staff development. My clients include:

Lectures & Presentations

Workshop dynamic safe spaces

1.11.2023, Biel/Schweiz - At Forum Tanz 2023 (Schweiz) – 9. Edition - reso danse suisse

Workshop on Communication in the Art Process

3.9.2023, Leipzig - At the theme day: Artistic.Working.Together, Schauspiel Leipzig

Mental Health Series, Professional Association of Theatre Professionals Switzerland

Communication in theater groups 6.3.2023, 11:30-13:00, Online workshop.
Conflict resolution: What to do when there is a crisis? 20.4.2023, 11:30-13:00, Workshop during the Swiss Artist Exchange 2023 (Hybrid: online and on site in Thun).
Dynamic Safe Spaces, 20.6.2023, Classroom Workshop (Zurich, Kulturmarkt, 9.00-17.00)
First Aid for the Artist's Soul, 11.9. 11:30-13:00, Online Workshop


Conference Positioning Ballet, Dutch National Ballet

Amsterdam, Leadership Impulses 26.2.2023

“Rien ne va plus?! Together: all in!”, Conference for the Director’s Network

2.12.2022, Online Workshop: Directing Hacks III: Personnel Management on Rehearsals

Women’s Cultural Office NRW

11/17/2022, Art of Networking Workshop for Women Performing Artists.

Umbrella organization Dance Germany, TANZPAKT

20.5.2022, sustainable communication in projects

“Next practice: agile working in the cultural sector”.

Web Talk, Cultural Policy Society, 10.5.2022

Conference “Theater of the Future – Future of Theater

21.4.2022 - Moderation, Theater Dortmund

“Rien ne va plus?”, Congress, Association of Scenographers

4.6.-6.6.2021 - Workshop on appreciative communication & small talk on participation and change processes.

Stressreduction through self-management

Opera Europe, January 2020

How do we motivate a new generation for the theater? Opportunities for modern organizational and personnel development

DTHG training event of the regional meeting of the North-East group, October 2019.

German Orchestra Day in Berlin

Workshop-Moderation, November 2017

“Create and leverage team spirit”

Advanced training within the framework of the German Stage Association, Cologne, November 2016.

“Psychological stress in the theater – what to do?”

Advanced training within the framework of the German Stage Association, Bavarian State Association, Ingolstadt, November 2016.

Future Staff

Booth presence at the Personal trade fair, Cologne, October 2016

Lecture: Stress management, communication and conflict management for artists in theater companies

Conference for occupational health and safety in theaters, Blomberg, September

Special Seminar Series for Leaders: Tangible Leadership with the Principles of Aikido

with Nadja van Uelft, Cologne, September to February 2016/17

Workshop: Communication in conflict situations

4th German Stage Manager Congress, Mannheim, July 2016

Lecture: Conflict management for everyday life

Stage Technical Conference (BTT), Bremen, June 2016

Risk assessment of mental stress among artists – what to do?

for the Unfallkasse NRW in Hamm and Duisburg-Rheinhausen, November 2015

Health management in the theater and orchestra

German Stage Association, Cologne, March & April 2015

Neuro&Aikido – Seminar series for executives:

with Alexandra Meures in Zurich, Switzerland, Jan-June 2015

Aikido & Achtsamkeit – ein Weg zum Frieden in Geist und Körper

Workshop together with Léa-Jeanne Sachot, Cairo, Egypt, December 2014

Aikido principles for managers

Workshop in the framework of the German Orchestra Day, November 2014 in Berlin

Maintain and promote health in artistic professions

Lecture for the Unfallkasse NRW, September 2014 in Blomberg

Aikido for actors – teaching assignment from 2010-2014

Department of Acting, Graz University of the Arts, Austria